ICS2020 instructions for preparation of video presentations

As previously announced, ICS2020 will request a recorded presentation for all the accepted papers. These video presentations will be posted in the conference portal and made available to all registered attendees during the days of the conference. Below please find the deadlines and instructions to prepare the videos.

Please ensure the contact author is available during the month of June to respond to questions about the final production of the video. If the contact author will be on extended travel or vacation, notify the AV chair Daniele Lezzi.

Questions about these instructions? Please contact the AV chair Daniele Lezzi.


Firm deadline to upload your video presentation, no extensions will be granted: June 15th, 2020

Step-by-Step instructions 

  1. Prepare a video with your favourite screen recording tool. The video must show the slides or other visual material that you want to use and include audio of your presentation. The format of the presentation is expected to be similar to what it would have been your live conference presentation. The addition of the visualization of yourselves presenting is optional. The duration of the presentation is limited to 20 minutes. 
  2. Format: All video formats supported by YouTube can be used. 
  3. The final size of the video should not be larger than 5GB. 
  4. Upload the video using the following service (link). When uploading the video, indicate the EasyChair submission id and paper title in the first field. 
  5. The video will be checked during the second half of June. Be available to respond questions during that period.  

Video availability

Videos will be uploaded to the ICS 2020 YouTube channel as hidden videos. During the conference, videos will be made available to registered attendees only. After the conference, videos will be made public in the ICS2020 Youtube channel unless you explicitly manifest this when uploading the video.