Xilinx Tutorial


This tutorial will introduce the Xilinx Vitis development environment for developing FPGA accelerators for HPC applications. Vitis supports OpenCL, C and C++.

The latest available cloud and local hardware will be covered including AWS-F1, Nimbix, and the range of Alveo accelerator boards.

During this course you will get to try out the Vitis software tools and run FPGA examples in a remote EC2 F1 instance in the AWS cloud.


Monday, June 29th, 2020
10:00 - 13:15               Presentation session and lab setup
  Course Introduction
  Introduction to Xilinx Platforms
  Introduction to Vitis software environment
  Vitis tool flow
  OpenCL Execution Model
  Design Analysis in Vitis
Coffee break
 Vitis tools
  Vitis Design Methodology
  Vitis Host Code Optimizations
  Vitis Kernel Optimizations
  Vitis Accelerated Libraries
  PYNQ for Compute Acceleration
  Lab setup for AWS
Lunch break
14:45 - 18:00                  Lab sessions
  Introduction to Vitis
  Design Analysis
  Optimization examples
Coffee break
  Computer Vision example using Vitis open-source libraries
  PYNQ compute acceleration tutorials
18:00 Wrap-up